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Thailand's junta renews corruption crackdown on Buddhist monks

A Buddha statue stands in front of the ancient pagoda at the Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn, in Bangkok, Thailand Buddhism is one of the three pillars of Thailand, alongside the monarchy and the nation (90% of the country is Buddhist), and there is a widespread sense of disgust at the level of corruption and illegal activity that goes on in the temples orchestrated by the monks. Some of the temples generate millions in donations ever year, with donations actively encouraged as a way to bring worshippers good karma, and yet are subject to no external regulation on how the money is spent. The junta’s past attempts to exert their authority over the temples have not proved successful. In February last year the junta raided the popular Dhammakaya Temple , looking for its spiritual leader Phra Dhammachayo on allegations he had embezzled £28m of temple donations. The temple’s well-known allegiances to former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is despised by the military and was toppled in a military coup in 2006, was also perceived as a motive of the raid. However, Dhammachayo eluded arrest and there was a backlash against the military government for being too heavy handed in the raid, which saw 4,000 officers descend on the temple for three weeks. “After the seige of the Dhammakaya temple, people really started to look askance at what the military was doing to the monks and question their motives, and it really did damage to Prayut’s reputation” said Chambers. “So these new arrests might be designed to give the military a more popular image and make people forget about the failed mission last year. And the monks they have arrested – with Buddha Issara as the exception – they already had a really corrupt reputation so are an easy target.” After the failure of the Dhammakaya Temple siege, the junta announced last March it was was drafting a law which would significantly weaken the Sangha council.

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